EMV: Some Added Benefits

With the upcoming introduction of EMV-enabled cards to and EMV-enabled readers going live to the public across the U.S. in October, the consumer relationship with credit cards at the point of sale is about to change, whether the consumers and merchants likes it or not. However, this change could open the way for a whole new world of credit card security and it’s important to know the benefits.

Although as a merchant you are probably aware, adoption is not actually mandated by anyone on Oct. 1. Instead, the liability shift will go into effect that leaves retailers responsible for all losses due to fraudulent transactions that occur via non-EMV-enabled purchases, no questions asked. The future is now and the swipe of a card will soon be replaced with a dip. While it seems like a small change, consumers will be needing to relearn some basics of making a purchase which could deter some business owners to making the switch.

The introduction of new security protocols is the perfect opportunity for retailers to establish a new idea of payment security and meet the expectations around cardholder’s expectations. When Switching to EMV with Blue Card Payments you never have to worry about the cost of equipment upgrades. We always provide our merchants with the latest in security at the best possible rate. When viewing this switch as enhancement rather than a downfall, merchants can benefit greatly from this update in payment security and enhance customer satisfaction while doing so. An added benefit of EMV-enabled terminals is that most are also equipped to handle touch-less payment transactions using NFC technology via mobile phones. This new payment solution is gaining popularity and being able to handle those payment types is coming to be expected from merchants.

If you are in need of an EMV upgrade for your business, contact Blue Card Payments to get set up with great equipment and a low rate guarantee. We offer no term commitment and the best in customer service to keep your business up to date and running smoothly.


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